forum: aftermath

Forum – Aftermath: Talks on Contemporary Photography

31 May & 1 June 2012

Cankarjev dom Ljubljana

(part of Photonic Moments 2012: Festival of Contemporary Photography in Ljubljana – 29 May – 30 June 2012)

Through lectures, presentations and panel discussions two-day forum is confronting opinions and experiences of number of experts with interdisciplinary background from the area of former Yugoslavia. This years’ forum is dedicated to the Aftermath project and therefore tendencies of engaged post-Yugoslavian contemporary photography.

With the participation of partner organisations from throughout the former Yugoslavia, the project represents an extensive investigation of the effect of large-scale social shifts on the image of the physical and mental environment, and thereby, also on the expression of a number of artists who work in the field of photography.

Forum offers series of lectures by curators of the project and invited experts, film screening and panel discussion with some of collaborating artists.

Thursday, 31 May 2012 (12 pm)

12.00:  Miha Colner (Slovenia)
12.15:  Saša Janjić (Serbia)
12.45:  Leonida Kovač & Ana Opalić (Croatia)
13.15:  Andrej Đerković (BiH)
13.45:  Mirjana Dabović (Montenegro)
16.00:  Dejan Sluga (Slovenia)
16.30:  *Milan Aleksić (Serbia)
17.30:  *Svetlana Slapšak (Slovenia)
18.30:  Genc Kadriu (Kosovo)

20.00: Opening of the Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape exhibition in National Museum of Slovenia.

Friday, 1 June 2012 (6 pm)

18.00:  film screening – Brotherhood and Unity (2006) by Marija Mojca Pungerčar
19.00: discussion on different aspects of artistic confrontation to current social reality (participants: Borut Krajnc / Marija Mojca Pungerčar / Bojan Salaj / Miha Colner)

The Aftermath. Changing Cultural Landscape project has its debut in Ljubljana, to be afterwards presented in various forms of exhibitions, lectures and publication until the end of 2013 in partner cities. The Ljubljana presentation will be followed by large exhibitions in Pordenone, Zagreb and Belgrade and shorter presentation and discourse events based on lectures and discussions organised in Sarajevo and Cetinje.

The Aftermath project was initiated by Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography and partner organisations from the territory of the former Yugoslavia – Remont from Belgrade, Film&Film from Pula and Croatian Contemporary Photography from Zagreb – and associated partners – Collegium Artisticum from Sarajevo, Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art from Prishtina and the National Museum of Montenegro from Cetinje.

The principal curatorial and research team is: Miha Colner, Mirjana Dabović, Albert Heta, Saša Janjić, Ana Opalić, Vala Osmani, Dejan Sluga, Sandra Vitaljić and Branka Vujanović.


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